Fulton Speedway

Dot Tire Bonus, 4-bbl carburetor and Home Track Ru...
Dot Tire Bonus, 4-bbl carburetor and Home Track Ru...

Dot Tire Bonus, 4-bbl carburetor and Home Track Ru...

5/21/2024 -
FULTON, NY (May 21, 2024) - Fulton Speedway management has made three competition allowances for the Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux Hobby Stock class. ef


Dot Tire Bonus, 4-bbl carburetor and Home Track Rules apply for F

Dot Tire Bonus, 4-bbl carburetor and Home Track Rules apply for F...

FULTON, NY (May 21, 2024) - Fulton Speedway management has made three competition allowances for the Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux Hobby Stock class. effective immediately. Cars that compete with stock GM crate engines are permitted to run a 4bbl carburetor. A "Home Track...more
J. Gordon Contracting presents ESS Sprint Memorial Day Weekend In

J. Gordon Contracting presents ESS Sprint Memorial Day Weekend In...

By Hannah Doll FULTON, NY (May 21, 2024) - Get ready for a high-speed Memorial Day Weekend as the Empire Super Sprints invade the 'Highbanks' of Fulton Speedway this Saturday, May 25, for an evening full of racing presented by J. Gordon Contracting. Making their second...more
Tim Sears Jr. edges Chad Phelps in Fulton Thriller

Tim Sears Jr. edges Chad Phelps in Fulton Thriller

By Hannah Doll FULTON, NY (May 20, 2024)- With a near photo finish during the Tracey Road DIRTcar Modified Feature, Tim Sears Jr. emerged victorious by mere inches, holding off Chad Phelps in a drag race down the front stretch. Saturday night's event, presented by RVMD...more
Fulton Speedway May 18 Quick results

Fulton Speedway May 18 Quick results

By Hannah Doll FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Tracey Road DIRTcar Modified Feature (35 Laps): 1. 83X-Tim Sears Jr[16]; 2. X-Chad Phelps[3]; 3. 18$-Sean Beardsley[2]; 4. 28-Alan Fink[15]; 5. 27Z-Dylan Zacharias[9]; 6. 06J-Jordan Bennett[8]; 7. 38-Jason Parkhurst[10]; 8. 31B-Corey...more

Outlaw 200 & Sportsman Shootout Quick Results


Fulton Speedway

Outlaw 200 & Sportsman Shootout Quick Results

October 2nd Outlaw 200 & Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout Results


(35th Annual Outlaw 200) – MAT WILLIAMSON, Tim Sears Jr. Matt Sheppard, Larry Wight, Tim Fuller, Rocky Warner, Michael Maresca, Dave Marcuccilli, Chris Hile, Ryan Susice, Pat Ward, Alan Johnson, Chad Phelps, Willy Decker, Tom Collins, Ryan Jordan, Justin Crisafulli, Jeff Prentice, Colton Wilson, Glenn Forward, Corey Barker, Alex Payne, Jimmy Phelps, Jackson Gill, Joe August Jeff Taylor, Shawn Walker, Todd Root, Tyler Trump, Roy Bresnahan, Jim Witko Jr., Billy Dunn, Danny Johnson, Marshall Hurd, Jordan Kelly, Billy Decker, Eldon Payne, Garett Rushlow, Darren Smith, Nick Nye, Gordy Button, Bob Henry Jr., Mike Mahaney, Kyle Inman, Mike Stanton Jr., JJ Courcy.


Modified Heat Races – 10 Laps – Top 5 Qualify – Top 2 Redraw


(Modified Heat 1) – Tim Fuller, Michael Maresca, Willy Decker, Mike Stanton Jr., Gordy Button, Tyler Trump, Jackson Gill, Bob Henry Jr., Will Shields, Jimmy Phelps, Ben Bushaw.


(Modified Heat 2) – Danny Johnson, JJ Courcy, Chad Phelps, Colton Wilson, Ryan Jordan, Mat Williamson, Erick Rudolph, Dave Marcuccilli, Joe Shields, Preston Forbes, Tim Murphy.


(Modified Heat 3) – Alan Johnson, Tim Sears Jr., Kyle Inman, Todd Root, Jim Witko, Darren Smith, Roy Bresnahan, Marshall Hurd, Tim Harris, Alan Fink.


(Modified Heat 4) – Eldon Payne, Nick Nye, Mike Mahaney, Joe August, Glenn Forward, Jim Walsh, Jordan Kelly, Pat Ward, Dylan Zacharias, Sean Beardsley.


(Modified Heat 5) – Justin Crisafulli, Larry Wight, Matt Sheppard, Chris Hile, Garett Rushlow, Shawn Walker, Tommy Collins, Brett Tonkin, Mike Bruce, Rocky Warner.


(Modified Heat 6) – Jeff Taylor, Alex Payne, Ryan Susice, Jeff Prentice, Billy Decker, Alan Barker, Corey Barker, Billy Dunn, CJ Castelletti, Mike Ward.


Modified Consolations 12 laps - 3 Qualify


Modified Consi 1) – Mat Williamson, Bob Henry Jr., Jimmy Phelps, Erick Rudolph, Tyler Trump, Jackson Gill, Will Shields, Joe Shields, Ben Bushaw, Dave Marcuccilli. DNS Preston Forbes, Tim Murphy.


(Modified Consi 2) – Pat Ward, Roy Bresnahan, Jordan Kelly, Marshall Hurd, Jim Walsh, Darren Smith, Sean Beardsley, Tim Harris, Alan Fink, DNS Dylan Zacharias.


(Modified Consi # 3) – Billy Dunn, Tommy Collins, Shawn Walker, Alan Barker, Brett Tonkin, Mike Bruce, Mike Ward, Rocky Warner. DNS Corey Barker, CJ Castelletti.



(Modified LCQ 15-laps – Winner Qualifies) – Tyler Trump, Erick Rudolph, Marshall Hurd, Will Shields, Alan Barker, Brett Tonkin, Jim Walsh, Tim Harris, Mike Bruce, Jackson Gill, Tim Murphy, Mike Ward, Joe Shields, CJ Castelletti, Alan Fink, DNS Ben Bushaw, Preston Forbes, Dylan Zacharias, Sean Beardsley, Darren Smith.



(Hoosier Tire to the Hard Luck Winner) – Jimmy Phelps.


(Drum of VP Racing Fuel to the Hard Charger of the race) – Mat Williamson


($100 longest tow award from Brian McDied Contracting) – Jim Witko Jr.


($300 to the top finishing Bicknell car) – Mat Williamson.


(Industrial Tire of CNY $2,500-to-win Sportsman Shootout 50) – MATT JANCZUK, Chris Mackey, Brandon Carvey, Ryan Dolbear, Zach Sobotka, Alan Fink, Willy Decker Jr., Zach Payne, Quinn Wallis, Rick Miller, Ben Wheeler, Robert Bublak, Amy Holland, Jimmy Moyer, Tyler Corcoran, Wade Chrisman, Kyle Devendorf, Cody Wolfe, Joe Kline, Tyler Murray, Brent Joy, Robert Gage, Cody Manitta, Richard Murtaugh, Ryan Shanahan, Shawn Frost, Mike Fowler, Andrew Buff, Tim Devendorf, AJ Miller, Michael Austin, Austin Germinio.


Sportsman LCQ – 12 Laps – Winner Qualifies.


(Sportsman LCQ #1) – Ben Wheeler, Mike Phelps, Matt Kitts, Max Hill, Jake Davis, Mark Potter, Richie Riggs, Brett Draper, Buddy Leathley, Riley Rogala, Josh Reome, Dorian Wahdan, Josh Fellows, Mike Austin, Mike Root, Mike Fowler, Taylor Doxtater. DNS Rocky Grosso, Kevin Warren, George Sanford, Steven Bushey.


(Sportsman LCQ #2) – Cody Wolfe, Teddy Clayton, Tyler Corcoran, Andrew Buff, Chris Fleming, Jim Harbison, Kevin Stevens, Torrey Stoughtenger, Dave Moyer, Matt Richardson, Kearra Backus, Ryan Shanahan, Dustin Bradley, Charles Miller, Jason Breezee, Tim Baker, Rachel Zacharias, Brett Buono, DNS Gavin Eisele, Buckey Hayes, Earl Rudy.


(Sportsman LCQ #3) – Quinn Wallis, Daryl Krebs, Ricky Thompson, Jacob Dupra, Tim Gareau, Scott Kline, Ed Downing, Tyler Stevenson, Brett Sears, Eric Nier, Savannah Laflair, Steve Schrader, Jeff Prentice, Dale Caswell, Michael Wagner Fitzgerald, Tony Finch II, Austin Cooper, DNS Brian Murphy, Matt Caprara, Remington Hamm, Joe Gosek.


Hoosier Tire Hard Luck Award Winner – Mike Fowler


$50 Henry’s Exhaust Gift Certificate to each heat winner – Willy Decker Jr., Chris Mackey, Zach Sobotka, Joe Kline, Tyler Murray, Alan Fink, Ryan Dolbear, Brandon Carvey


Drum of VP D98 to hard charger – Matt Janczuk.


$100 Longest Tow Award from Brian McDied Contracting – Kevin Stevens.


Thank you to The Ridge Motorsports Park for sponsoring all 50 laps except lap 42 which is $200 from Bicknell Racing Products.


$50 to the first non-qualifier from each LCS from Northeast Racing Products Auction & Trade Show – Mike Phelps, Teddy Clayton, Daryl Krebs.


($300 to the first finishing Bicknell) – Chris Mackey.


($200 to the 2nd place finishing Bicknell) – Brandon Carvey.

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