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Brewerton Speedway and Fulton Speedway Winter Warm...
Brewerton Speedway and Fulton Speedway Winter Warm...

Brewerton Speedway and Fulton Speedway Winter Warm...

2/10/2024 -
By Dave Medler BALDWINSVILLE, NY – (February 10, 2024) – One week from today on Saturday, February 17, Jammer’s Sports Bar & Restaurant will once agai


Brewerton Speedway and Fulton Speedway Winter Warmer at Jammer’s

Brewerton Speedway and Fulton Speedway Winter Warmer at Jammer’s...

By Dave Medler BALDWINSVILLE, NY – (February 10, 2024) – One week from today on Saturday, February 17, Jammer’s Sports Bar & Restaurant will once again host the Fulton Speedway and Brewerton Speedway “Winter Warmer” Awards and DIRTcar Nationals viewing party. Dress for the...more
Divisional Sponsors Return For 2024 Racing Campaign at Fulton Spe

Divisional Sponsors Return For 2024 Racing Campaign at Fulton Spe...

By Dave Medler Baldwinsville, NY (December 17, 2023) – Fulton Speedway officials are pleased to announce DIRTcar 358-Modifieds, DIRTcar Sportsman, Hobby Stocks and Novice Sportsman will continue to be the weekly core classes with title sponsorship of each class remaining...more
Sheppard captures third Milton CAT Outlaw 200

Sheppard captures third Milton CAT Outlaw 200

Fulton, NY (October 1, 2023): Matt Sheppard defended his Milton CAT Fulton 200 title on Saturday night before a jam-packed crowd at the Fulton Speedway in dominating fashion with an 8.9 second win over Mat Williamson. Sheppard dominated the first 100 laps as put car after...more
Herrington wins Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout

Herrington wins Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout

Fulton, NY (October 1, 2023): The Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout had a new winner at this year’s edition of the Milton CAT Outlaw 200 Weekend at the Fulton Speedway. Canadian Bobby Herrington started 15th in a talent laden field and systematically worked his way...more



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Brad Rouse Holds Off Star Studded Field To Win His First Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout 50

FULTON, NY – Ninety-six cars, two days of qualifying would set the 32-car field for the $2,500-to-win DIRTcar Sportsman Championship Series, Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout 50.

Brad Rouse from St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada has won races before when he has visited the Fulton Speedway in the past. One race that has eluded him that he has really wanted was one of the crown jewels in the Sportsman division during the prestigious Outlaw 200 Weekend.

All that changed Saturday as Rouse battled the best in the business in the division and finally was able to take home that trophy to put on his mantel.

Brad Rouse and Zach Sobotka would bring the starting field down to the green with Rouse grabbing the early lead and Kyle Inman grabbing the second spot to start the 50-lap battle.

The yellow would wave on lap 7 to tighten the field up. Inman took advantage on the restart as he drove by Rouse to be scored the new leader.

With 15 laps complete Inman and Rouse were in a two-car breakaway fight for the lead while Shane Pecore, Sobotka and Dave Marcuccilli were having a close race for third through fifth.

There would be another caution on lap 18 that would see Rouse regain the lead on the restart.

Lap 25 would see Inman, who was still battling Rouse for the lead, suddenly slow, ending his shot at the win.

On lap 30 Rouse still showed the way but his lead started to shrink when Pecore started turning quicker laps than Rouse. Sobotka, James Friesen who started deep in the field and Marcuccilli showed in the top-five on the scoring tower.

With only 10 laps remaining Rouse and Pecore raced within inches of each other while trying to get through heavy traffic. Marcuccilli, Friesen and Sobotka were still within striking distance for any mistake by the top-two.

With 5-laps to go the intensity was turned up as you could have almost thrown a blanket over Rouse, Pecore, Marcuccilli and Friesen as they were still racing in heavy traffic just before a final caution.

With a clear track ahead for the restart, Dave Marcuccilli moved into second and set his sights on Brad Rouse. Rouse didn’t flinch, held his line and was first under the checkers by a slim 0.722 of a second ahead of Marcuccilli. Shane Pecore, Zach Sobotka and Brandon Ford finished third through fifth.

The final race of the 2018 season will be this Saturday, October 6 for a Super DIRT Week XLVII Special when the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series will do battle on the “Highbanks." Plus, Modified Win-And-Your-In with the winner getting a starting spot in the Sunday, October 7 Super DIRT Week Billy Whittaker Cars & Trux Modified 200 at Oswego Speedway.

Pre-sale tickets are being handled by the World of Outlaws only. Go to www.woosprint.com and click on the tickets tab at the top of the page. The day of the race tickets will be available at the Fulton Speedway ticket office.

The Wight’s and the entire Fulton Speedway staff would like to thank all the fans and race teams for their support in 2018. Plans are already underway for a fun 2019 season.

 (Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout 50) – BRAD ROUSE, Dave Marcuccilli, Shane Pecore, Zach Sobotka, Brandon Ford, Alan Fink, James Friesen, Kevin Root, Nick Krause, Jackson Gill, David Schilling, Amy Holland, Wade Chrisman, Chris Mackey, Corey Barker, Mike Stanton Jr., Brianna Ladoucer, Jeff Taylor, Martin Pelletier, Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald, Jack Meeks, Jessica Power, Kyle Keihn, Bob Henry Jr., Rick Miller, Jimmy Moyer, Adam Rozon, Kyle Fink, Matt Jaczuk, Kyle Inman, Will Shields, Tom Juno.

 Industrial Tire of CNY Heat Race Bonuses – 1st – $150 – 2nd $100 -3rd – $50

 Top – 2 Qualify. Winner to the redraw

 (Heat 1) – Wade Chrisman, Tom Juno, Tony Finch II, Jordan Kelly, Brett Draper, Rocky Grosso, Rachel Zacharias, Brianna Ladoucer, DNS – Brandon Chretien

  (Heat 2) – Shane Pecore, Kyle Fink, James Friesen, Tyler Thompson, Greg Doust, Richard Murtaugh, Frank Sobotka, Torrey Stoughtenger, Dan Kapuscinski.

 (Heat 3) – Kyle Inman, Nick Krause, Matt Janczuk, Joey Buonagurio, Colby Herzog, Ryan Gustin, Michelle Courcy, Keith Stevenson, Kearra Backus, DNS – Joe Gosek.

 (Heat 4) – Dave Marcuccilli, David Schilling, Will Shields, Kevin Root, Mark Yorker, Joe Sobotka, Cedric Gauvreau, Brent Joy, Rich Townsend, AJ Miller.

 (Heat 5) – Zach Sobotka, Jack Meeks, Josh Reome, Austin Germinio, Robert Gage, Josh Blackwell, Matt Becker, Brian Evenden, Tim Abate.

 (Heat 6) – Jessica Power, Amy Holland, Chris Mackey, Corey Barker, Chris Corbett, Jimmy Moyer, Willy Decker Jr., Tim Baker, Steve Marshall, Tyler Corcoran.

 (Heat 7) – Jeff Taylor, Rick Miller, Jim Spano, Jake Davis, Tyler Murray, Chuck Miller, Rick Rogala, Cody Wolfe, George Dyer, Ben Bushaw.

 (Heat 8) – Brad Rouse, Alan Fink, Bob Henry, Mike Stanton Jr., Richie Riggs, Jackson Gill, Earl Rudy, Garett Rushlow, Billy Sauve, Randy Fox.

 (Heat 9) – Brandon Ford, Adam Rozon, Tim Devendorf, Chris Hulsizer, Matt Steffenhagen, Rocco Leone, Dylan Zacharias, Billy Clark Jr., Bailey Groves, DNS – Charlie Tibbitts,

 (Heat 10) – Martin Peltier, Kyle Kiehn, Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald, Brandon Carvey, Greg Henry, Quinn Wallis, Kyle Perry, Jeff Lawrence, Dorian Wahdan.

 Winner qualifies.

 (Consolation 1) – James Friesen, Tyler Thompson, Tony Finch II, Greg Doust, Brianna Ladoucer, AJ Miller, Torrey Stoughtenger, Frank Sobotka, Dan Kapuscinski, Rachel Zacharias, Rocky Grosso, Brett Draper, Richard Murtaugh, DNS – Brandon Chretrien, Jordan Kelly.

(Consolation 2) – Matt Janczuk, Will Shields, Keven Root, Mark Yorker, Joe Sobotka, Brent Joy, Joey Buonagurio, Cedric Gauvreau, Rich Townsend, Colby Herzog, Michelle Courcy, Keith Stevenson DNS – Joe Gosek, Kearra Backus, Ryan Gustin.

 (Consolation 3) – Jimmy Moyer, Chris Mackey, Josh Reome, Corey Barker, Chris Corbett, Willy Decker Jr., Steve Marshall, Tyler Corcoran, Tim Baker, Tim Abate, Austin Germinio, Robert Gage, Josh Blackwell, Matt Becker, DNS – Brian Evenden.

 (Consolation 4) – Bob Henry Jr. Mike Stanton Jr., Jim Spano, Richie Riggs, Jake Davis, Tyler Murray, Chuck Miller, Garett Rushlow, Jackson Gill, Cody Wolfe, Rick Rogala, Ben Bushaw, Billy Sauve, Randy Fox, George Dyer, DNS – Earl Rudy.

 (Consolation 5) – Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald, Greg Henry, Rocco Leone, Tim Devendorf, Dylan Zacharias, Matt Steffenhagen, Kyle Perry, Dorian Wahdan, Bailey Groves, Chris Bonoffski, Chris Hulsizer, Brandon Carvey, DNS – Quinn Wallis, Billy Clark Jr., Jeff Lawrence, Charlie Tibbitts.

 B-Main Winner Qualifies

 (B-Main 1) – Mike Stanton Jr., Kevin Root, Corey Barker, Tyler Thompson, Brianna Ladoucer, Jake Davis, Rocco Leone, Brent Joy, Rich Townsend, Matt Steffenhagen, Frank Sobotka, Randy Fox, Jordan Kelly, Brandon Carvey, Rocky Grosso, Bailey Groves, Kearra Backus, Josh Blackwell, Steve Marshall, Tim Abate, Rick Rogala, DNS – Garett Rushlow, Joe Gosek, Jeff Lawrence.

 (B-Main 2) – Will Shields, Josh Reome, Greg Doust, Dylan Zacharias, Richie Riggs, Willy Decker Jr., Cedric Gauvreau, Tim Baker, Chris Hulsizer, Joe Sobotka, Chuck Miller, Cody Wolfe, Dorian Wahdan, Richard Murtaugh, Torrey Stoughtenger, Michelle Courcy, Bill Sauve, Greg Henry, DNS – Rachel Zacharias, Robert Gage, Keith Stevenson, Billy Clark, Brian Evenden, Earl Rudy.

 (B-Main 3) – Chris Mackey, Jim Spano, AJ Miller, Mark Yorker, Jackson Gill, Chris Corbett, Tyler Murray, Tyler Corcoran, Tim Devendorf, Joey Buonagurio, Danny Kapuscinski, Brett Draper, Ben Bushaw, Colby Herzog, Kyle Perry, George Dyer, Brandon Chretrien, Tony Finch II, Matt Becker, DNS – Chris Bonoffski, Austin Germinio, Ryan Gustin, Quinn Wallis, Charlie Tibbitts.

 Sportsman Special Awards

 Industrial Tire of CNY Heat Bonus cash – 1st-$150, 2nd-$100, 3rd-$50

$300 to top finishing Bicknell Car – Brad Rouse

$200 to 2nd place finishing Bicknell – Dave Marcuccilli

 Hoosier Tire to the Hard Luck Award – Kyle Inman

  $50 Henry’s Exhaust Gift Certificate to each heat winner. – Wade Chrisman, Shane Pecore, Kyle Inman, Dave Marcuccilli, Zach Sobotka, Jessica Power, Jeff Taylor, Brad Rouse, Brandon Ford, Martin Pelletier.

  Atomic Wrap to one randomly drawn feature starter – Adam Rozon

  Winner is a guaranteed starter in the All-Star Race at Charlotte on October 26 – Brad Rouse

  $50 Beyea Custom Headers Gift Certificate to third place finisher in each heat race – Tony Finch II, James Friesen, Matt Janczuk, Will Shields, Josh Reome, Chris Mackey, Jim Spano, Bob Henry Jr., Tim Devendorf, Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald.

  $100 Hard Charger from Northeast Racing Products Auction & Trade Show – Nov. 16 & 17 – Kevin Root

 $ 300 Beyea Custom Headers Gift Certificate to Hard Charger – Kevin Root

 Drum of VP Race Fuels to hard Charger – Kevin Root

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Brewerton Speedway and Fulton Speedway Winter Warmer at Jammer’s Sports Bar & Restaurant Saturday, February 17

Jammer’s Sports Bar & Restaurant is located at 3535 Walters Road in Syracuse

The event is casual and free to attend for racers, crews, friends, and fans. Jammer's extensive menu will be available for purchase.

February 17 Winter Warmer Event Schedule:
6:30pm Doors Open, Event Begins
7:00pm Racing Begins from Volusia
8:00pm Track Champions Recognized – Brewerton Speedway: Tim Sears Jr. (DIRTcar Big Block Modifieds) Zach Sobotka (DIRTcar Sportsman) Kyle Demo (Mod Lites) Chris Bonoffski (Four Cylinders Super Stocks). Fulton Speedway: Tim Sears Jr. (DIRTcar 358 Modifieds) Andrew Buff (DIRTcar Sportsman) John Pietrowicz (Hobby Stocks).

11:00pm DIRTcar Nationals concludes - Event Ends

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