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Fulton Speedway hosting Super DIRTcar Series SummerFAST, August 1

Fulton Speedway hosting Super DIRTcar Series SummerFAST, August 1...

FULTON, NY (August 16, 2022) – Fulton Speedway will host the Super DIRTcar Series SummerFAST this Wednesday, August 17, but has adjusted the schedule for this weekend, with no racing now scheduled on August 20. Coming on the heels of the busy Super DIRTcar Series...more
Tim Sears Jr. Makes Late Race Charge for Seventh Fulton Speedway

Tim Sears Jr. Makes Late Race Charge for Seventh Fulton Speedway...

By Dave Medler FULTON, NY – (August 13, 2022) – Tim Sears Jr. won his seventh Tracey Road DIRTcar Modified feature of the year Saturday night at the Fulton Speedway, but the win did not come easy. In the 35-Lap Modified feature Sears would first run-down race leader...more
Fulton Speedway August 13 Quick Results

Fulton Speedway August 13 Quick Results

Ferris Mowers Night August 13 Results Tracey Road DIRTcar Modifieds – (35 Laps): : 1. 83X-Tim Sears Jr[13]; 2. 32R-Ronald Davis III[16]; 3. 58M-Marshall Hurd[12]; 4. M1-David Marcuccilli[14]; 5. 21-Bob Henry Jr[2]; 6. 79-Jeff Prentice[3]; 7. 34-Andrew Ferguson[11]; 8....more
Top Three in Fulton Speedway Modified Championship Chase Separate

Top Three in Fulton Speedway Modified Championship Chase Separate...

FULTON, NY – (August 10, 2022) – The fastest, family affordable fun racing in Central NY just became more fun at the Fulton Speedway heading into this Saturday, August 13 presented by Ferris Mowers. With just four-point races left to decide 2022 Track Champions, race teams...more



Fulton Speedway

Kyle Inman Out Duels Matt Janczuk For Fulton Speedway Outlaw 200 Weekend Victory: Season Finale Saturday, October 12

FULTON, NY - Once again the DIRTcar Sportsman impressed as part of the 34th Annual Stadium International Trucks Outlaw 200 Weekend.

It would take ten heat races, five consolations and three last chance qualifiers to set the impressive field for the DIRTcar Sportsman Championship Series Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout 50.

After the original start was called back for a jingle at the back of the field, Matt Janczuk would take early control of the race.

After a couple quick yellows, Janczuk and Kyle Inman were in a two-car breakaway at the front, leaving Jack Meeks, Remington Hamm and Bob Henry Jr. to race for third through fifth.

With 15 laps showing on the scoring tower, Janczuk and Inman still showed the way as Meeks and Henry started closing the gap with Fulton track champion Jackson Gill joining the battle.

The yellow flag would wave on lap 24 erasing Janczuk’s half-a-straightaway lead.

Janczuk bolted out to a comfortable lead as Inman looked for a way to close the gap. Henry, Meeks and Zach Sobotka who started 15th showed on the scoring tower.

With 11 laps to go a caution would wipe out Janczuk’s lead giving Inman and the rest of the top-five another shot to steal the win.

After dogging Janczuk lap after lap, Inman was finally able to get by on lap 46. One lap later the yellow flag would wave to give Janczuk one last shot to take the lead back and the $2,500 winner's share.

When the green came back out Inman was a man on a mission as he drove away for his first ever Outlaw 200 Weekend Sportsman win. Matt Janczuk, Brad Rouse (Hard Charger of the race from 29th) Chris Mackey and Jackson Gill rounded out the top-five.

This coming Saturday, October 12 will be the 2019 season finale at the Fulton Speedway during Super DIRT Week. On the race card is the revamped ‘Win and You’re In.’ Below is the new and exciting format, admission prices and times.

 Wildcard Win & You're In

Draw for Twin 25-Lap Modified Qualifiers

Top-Two Finishers in Each Earn $1,000 & $500

Top-Ten in Each Qualifier Advance To The Feature

Top-Four in Last Chance 12 Lap Showdown Advance

50-Lap Wildcard Feature - 1st - $4,000 2nd - $2,500 3rd - $1,500

360 Sprint Car Open Competition 25-Laps - $3,000-To-Win, $300 To Start

All Seats General Admission:

Adults - 19 & Older - $30

Students 15-18 - $5

Pits - DIRTcar, ESS, PST - $35 -Non-Member - $40

9:00 am - Camping Lot Opens - Free

2:00 pm - Ticket Booth Opens For Sale & Will Call

4:00 pm - Pits Open

5:00 pm - Grandstands Open

6:30 pm - Hot Laps

7:00 Pm - Racing Begin

(Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout 50) – KYLE INMAN, Matt Janczuk, Brad Rouse, Chris Mackey, Jackson Gill, Bob Henry, Tyler Corcoran, Jack Meeks, Zach Sobotka, Alan Fink, Taylor Caprara, Kevin Root, Mark Yorker, Jeff Prentice, Brianna Ladoucer, Jim Harbison, Cedric Gauvreau, Jessica Power, Cody Wolfe, Addison Bowman, Jimmy Moyer, AJ Miller, Chuck Miller, Chris Corbett, Shane Pecore, Corey Barker, Remington Hamm, Brandon Carvey, Tim Falter, Jim Spano, Rich Townsend.

Top – 2 Qualify. Winner to the redraw:

 (Heat 1) – Jack Meeks, Jessica Power, Rich Townsend, Richie Riggs, Sean Beardsley, Mike Phelps, Bill Sauve, Kearra Backus, Dylan Zacharias.

 (Heat 2) – Brandon Carvey, Jimmy Moyer, Casey Williams, Rocco Leone, Jake Davis, Torrey Stoughtenger, Randy Fox, Joe Gosek, Pat Nolan.

 (Heat 3) – Jim Spano, Kevin Root, Billy Clark Jr., Addison Bowman, Brianna Ladoucer, Marshall Hurd, Richard Murtaugh, Ricky Yelle, DNS Josh Reome

 (Heat 4) – Remington Hamm, Chuck Miller, Cody Manitta, Kyle Fink, Quinn Wallis, Ben Wheeler, Greg Henry, George Dyer, Dale Corbett.

 (Heat 5) – Jim Harbison, Zach Sobotka, Robert Gage, Tim Baker, Jonah Lewis, Willy Decker Jr., Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald, Brett Draper, Ryan Dolbear.

 (Heat 6) – Kyle Inman, Taylor Caprara, Tim Falter, Tyler Corcoran, Corey Barker, Isaiah Forward, Greg Doust, Wade Chrisman, Rachel Zacharias.

 (Heat 7) – Bob Henry Jr., Jeff Prentice, Alan Fink, Amy Holland, Connor Cleveland, Jeff Stevnson, Rocky Grosso, Bailey Groves, Cedric Gauvreau.

 (Heat 8) – Jackson Gill, Mark Yorker, Cameron Tuttle, Jeff Taylor, Kyle Perry, Colby Herzog, Rick Miller, Gregg Carner, Austin Germinio.

 (Heat 9) – Matt Janczuk, AJ Miller, Chris Corbett, Jordan Kelly, Joe Sobotka, Tom Juno, Dustin Bradley, Richard Paige, Matt Richardson.

 (Heat 10) – Chris Mackey, Cody Wolfe, Shane Pecore, Edward Lukas, Jeremy Pitcher, JJ Courcy, Brandon Chretien, DNS Brad Rouse.

Winner qualifies remaining cars go to Saturdays Last Chance Qualifiers:

(Consolation 1) – Rich Townsend, Rocco Leone, Sean Beardsley, Casey Williams, Jake Davis, Dylan Zacharias, Torrey Stoughtenger, Richie Riggs, Randy Fox, Bill Sauve, Pat Nolan, Joe Gosek, Mike Phelps, Kearra Backus.

 (Consolation 2) – Addison Bowman, Cody Manitta, Brianna Ladoucer, Dale Corbett, Kyle Fink, Quinn Wallis, Ricky Yelle, Ben Wheeler, George Dyer, Greg Henry, Richard Murtaugh, Billy Clark Jr., Marshall Hurd, DNS Josh Reome.

(Consolation 3) – Tim Falter, Tyler Corcoran, Corey Barker, Robert Gage, Greg Doust, Isaiah Forward, Willy Decker Jr., Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald, Tim Baker, Brett Draper, Ryan Dolbear, Jonah Lewis, DNS Wade Chrisman, Rachel Zacharias.

 (Consolation 4) – Alan Fink, Cameron Tuttle, Jeff Taylor, Kyle Perry, Colby Herzog, Rick Miller, Austin Germinio, Cedric Gauvreau, Jeff Stevenson, Connor Cleveland, Bailey Groves, Rocky Grosso, Amy Holland, DNS Gregg Carner.

 (Consolation 5) – Shane Pecore, Chris Corbett, JJ Courcy, Brad Rouse, Edward Luckas, Joe Sobotka, Jeremy Pitcher, Brandon Chretien, Dustin Bradley, Matt Richardson, Richard Paige, Jordan Kelly, Tom Juno.

Last Chance Qualifiers 12 Laps. Winner Qualifies.

 (LCQ 1) – Cedric Gauvreau, Rocco, Rocco Leone, Cameron Tuttle, Robert Gage, Richie Riggs, Jake Davis, Joe Sobotka, Colby Herzog, Bailey Groves, Brett Draper, Pat Nolan, Kearra Backus, Willy Decker Jr., Brianna Ladoucer, Quinn Wallis, DNS George Dyer, Billy Clark Jr., Wade Chrisman., Gregg Carner, Jordan Kelly, DQ JJ Courcey.

 (LCQ 2) – Chris Corbett, Casey Williams, Corey Barker, Kyle Fink, Austin Germinio, Connor Cleveland, Torrey Stoughtenger, Cody Manitta, Josh Reome, Kyle Perry, Tim Baker, Amy Holland, Brandon Chretian, Ben Wheeler, Dustin Bradley, Bill Sauve, Jonah Lewis, Mike Phelps, DNS Richard Murtaugh, Edward Luckas, Isaiah Forward, Richard Paige.

 (LCQ 3) – Tyler Corcoran, Sean Beardsley, Dylan Zacharias, Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald, Greg Doust, Jeff Stevenson, Jeremy Pitcher, Marshall Hurd, Ryan Dolbear, Brad Rouse, Dale Corbett, Randy Fox, Tom Juno, Jeff Taylor, DNS Ricky Yelle, Matt Richardson, Joe Gosek, Rachel Zacharias, Rick Miller, Greg Henry, Rocky Grosso.

 ($300 Top Finishing Bicknell Car) – Kyle Inman

 ($200 Second Finishing Bicknell Car) – Matt Janczuk.

 (Hoosier Tire Hard Luck Award) – Shane Pecore.

 ($50 Henry’s Exhaust Gift Certificate Each Heat Winner) – Jack Meeks, Brandon Carvey, Jim Spano, Remington Hamm, Jim Harbison, Kyle Inman, Bob Henry Jr., Jackson Gill, Matt Janczuk, Chris Mackey.

 (Winner Guaranteed Spot All-Star Race @ Charlotte on November 2) – Kyle Inman

 ($50 Beyea Custom Headers Gift Certificate To 3rd Place Finisher Each Heat Race) – Rich Townsend, Casey Williams, Billy Clark Jr., Cody Manitta, Robert Gage, Tim Falter, Alan Fink, Cameron Tuttle, Chris Corbett, Shane Pecore.

 ($100 Hard Charger Award from Northeast Promotions) – Brad Rouse

 ($300 Beyea Custom Headers Gift Certificate to Hard Charger) – Brad Rouse

 (Drum of VP Race Fuel to Hard Charger) – Brad Rouse

 (Race DVD from Thomas Video /Raceflix.com to Feature winner) – Kyle Inman

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