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2023 Fulton Speedway Divisional Sponsors Confirmed...
2023 Fulton Speedway Divisional Sponsors Confirmed...

2023 Fulton Speedway Divisional Sponsors Confirmed...

1/7/2023 -
By Dave Medler Baldwinsville, NY (January 8, 2023) – Fulton Speedway officials are pleased to announce DIRTcar 358-Modifieds, DIRTcar Sportsman, Hobby


2023 Fulton Speedway Divisional Sponsors Confirmed

2023 Fulton Speedway Divisional Sponsors Confirmed

By Dave Medler Baldwinsville, NY (January 8, 2023) – Fulton Speedway officials are pleased to announce DIRTcar 358-Modifieds, DIRTcar Sportsman, Hobby Stocks and Novice Sportsman will continue to be the weekly core classes with title sponsorship of each class remaining...more
Brewerton and Fulton Speedways to host Winter Warmer Party at Jam

Brewerton and Fulton Speedways to host Winter Warmer Party at Jam...

Baldwinsville, NY (December 26, 2022)– Jammer’s Sports Bar & Restaurant, located at 3535 Walters Road in Syracuse will host the annual Fulton and Brewerton Speedway ‘Winter Warmer’ and DIRTcar Nationals viewing party on Saturday night, February 18. Racers, race teams and...more
$2000-to-win for Fulton Speedway DIRTcar 358-Modified weekly in 2

$2000-to-win for Fulton Speedway DIRTcar 358-Modified weekly in 2...

BALDWINSVILLE, NY (November,13 2022) – Fulton Speedway Tracey Road DIRTcar 358-Modifieds will be racing for an increased purse for all weekly racing events in 2023. The winner’s share will be increased to $2000 with all starters guaranteed at least $200 out of a total...more
Factory GM Seals only for Fulton and Brewerton Dot Foods Sportsma

Factory GM Seals only for Fulton and Brewerton Dot Foods Sportsma...

BALDWINSVILLE, NY (November 10, 2022) – Cars in weekly competition in the Dot Foods Sportsman division at Brewerton and Fulton Speedways may only be powered with GM 602 crate engines with factory OEM GM seals beginning in 2023. Engines that have been repaired, rebuilt, and...more



Fulton Speedway

Homan, Brewer, Murtaugh, Stone Fulton Speedway Outlaw 200 Weekend Winners; Season Finale Saturday, October 12

FULTON, NY - Over 200 race cars greeted race fans Friday for the first day of the 34th Annual Stadium International Trucks Outlaw 200 Weekend.

One of the best races of the weekend was in the Late Model division. This year's Pit Stop Convenience Stores NLMA Late Model 50 didn’t disappoint.

Twenty-six Late Models took the green flag with Brandon Mowat and Kevan Cook leading the early laps until lap 7 when three-time defending event champion Charlie Sandercock blasted into the lead.

With 15 laps showing on the scoring tower, Sandercock was driving away from the field while Cook, Sam Pennacchio, Mowat and Andrew Hennessey were putting on a show for second through fifth.

In the late going when it looked like Charlie Sandercock would cruise to his fourth straight Outlaw Weekend victory, all that changed with late yellows.

Sandercock would first hold off team-mate Andrew Hennessey and then it looked like he would hold off Fulton Speedway Late Model track champion Chad Homan to write the winner’s check in his name. Someone forgot to tell Homan.

On the final lap, Homan got a run down the back straight and threw it into turns 3 & 4 as hard as he could with a textbook slide job in front of Sandercock exiting turn four. Sandercock was able to turn under Homan setting up a drag race to the checkers. It was so close a finish it took the the car transponders to call Homan the winner by 0.012 at the checkers. Andrew Hennessey, Jimmy Johnson and Steve Baldwin finished third through fifth.

Not to be outdone the U.S Air Force Mod Lites Championship had an edge of your seat finish.

The majority of the 25-lap feature saw great side-by-side racing throughout the field while out front Canadian Champion Jeff May and local favorite Clayton Brewer III were the show.

May and Brewer raced side by side, lap after lap, each leading at different spots on the speedway. On the final lap, like the Late Models, it came down to a drag race out of turn-four to the checkers as the went dead even under the flag stand. It took computer scoring to say Clayton Brewer III won by 0.002 of a second. Justin Williams, Mike Mullen and Tom Mackey finished third through fifth.

Richard Murtaugh defended home turf with a big victory in the E&V Energy Novice Sportsman out running Cody Manitta who also led the event. Payton Talbot, Josh VanTassell and Michael Grover finished third through fifth.

The most dominant race of the night was in the Fleet Repairs Truck & Trailer Repair four-cylinder open that had 30 cars signed into the pits.

In the 25-lap feature, it was total domination by Mike Stone from Campbell, NY. The only thing that slowed down Stone down was caution periods. Quinn Wallis, Jacob Dupra, Trey Palmer and Chuck Powelczyk finished second through fifth.

An All-Star field of Sportsman ran ten-heats and five-consolations setting up Saturday LCQ and then the lucrative Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout 50.

Over 40 Modifieds ran four 15-lap qualifiers with the winners awarded 17-20 starting spots in 34th Annual Stadium International Trucks Modified Outlaw 200. Peter Britten, Stewart Friesen, Larry Wight and Ron Davis III took the wins.

This Saturday, October 12 will be the season finally at the Fulton Speedway.

Super DIRT Week Special - Wildcard Win & You're In for Modifieds:

Draw For Twin 25-Lap Modified Qualifiers

Top-Two Finishers In Each Earn $1,000 & $500

Top-Ten In Each Qualifier Advance To The Feature

Top-Four In Last Chance 12 Lap Showdown Advance

50-Lap Wildcard Feature - 1st - $4,000 2nd - $2,500 3rd - $1,500

360 Sprint Car Open Competition 25-Laps - $3,000-To-Win, $300 To Start

All Seats General Admission

Adults - 19 & Older - $30

Students 15-18 - $5

Pits - DIRTcar, ESS, PST - $35, Non-Member - $40

9:00 am - Camping Lot Opens - Free

2:00 pm - Ticket Booth Opens for Sale & Will Call

4:00 pm - Pits Open

5:00 pm - Grandstands Open

6:30 pm - Hot Laps

7:00 Pm - Racing Begins

Quick Results Night #1 – 34th Annual Outlaw 200 Weekend Results

 (Pit Stop Convenience Stores NLMA Late Model 50) – CHAD HOMAN, Charlie Sandercock, Andrew Hennessey, Jimmy Johnson, Steve Baldwin, Sam Pennacchio, Kyle Sopaz, Brandon Mowat, Jason Knowles, Craig Graham, Dale Caswell, Max Hill, Tim Gillespie, David Pangrazio, Kevan Cook, Chris Fleming, Mike Bowman, Alan Chapman, Steve Buzzard, Brian Downs, Harry Halliday, Dane Keller Jr., Mike Kazmierczak, Bret Belden, DQ Brian Knowles.

 (Brian McDeid Contracting Heat Race Bonuses) – 1st $75 – 2nd $25

 (Heat 1) – Steve Baldwin, Kevan Cook.

 (Heat 2) – Charlie Sandercock, Jimmy Johnson.

 (Heat 3) – Andrew Hennessy, Brian Knowles.

 (Northeast Racing Products, Auction & Trade Show Hard Charger $100) – Sean Beardsley.

 (Stirling Lubricants $25 Gift Certificate Group Fast Time) – Steve Baldwin, Charlie Sandercock, Andrew Hennessy

 (E&V Energy Novice Sportsman Championship 20 Laps) – RICHARD MURTAUGH, Cody Manitta, Payton Talbot, Josh VanTassell, Michael Grover, Pat Nolan, Andrew Stadelmann, Matt Richardson, Brett Sears, Mike Dawson, AJ Martino, Larry Taylor, Dakota Erhardt, Joe Scrimale, DNS Mikey Wight.

 (U.S Air Force Mod Lite Championship 25 Laps) – CLAYTON BREWER III, Jeff May, Justin Williams, Mike Mullen, Tom Mackey, Zack Babcock, Rick Demo, Hunter Lawton, Harley Brown, Alex Daneau, Josie Fortier, Sam Usborne, Roger Olschewske, Kelly Skinner, Steve Comeau, Joe Garafolo, Doug Williams.

 (Fleet Repairs Truck & Trailer Repair 4 – Cylinder Open 25 Laps) – MIKE STONE, Quinn Wallis, Jacob Dupra, Trey Palmer, Chuck Powelczyk, Eric Rowley, Donnie Rider, Ray Bechler, Joseph Staring, Jeff Putman, David DeNova, Isaiah Forward, Jack Taskey, Lee Fritz, Sam Curcie, Zach Goodman, Van Grant, Justin Pope, Tony Frezzo, Taylor Doxtater, Francis White, Brian Hoisington., Tim Dunn, Josh Amick, Chris Bonoffski, Ken Pitsley, Robert DeGroff, Damien Bechler, Dylan Starins, DNS – Wayne Russell Jr.

 DIRTcar Sportsman Championship Series -Industrial Tire of CNY Sportsman Shootout Heats 

 Industrial Tire of CNY Heat Race Bonuses – 1st – $150 – 2nd $100 -3rd – $50

 Top – 2 Qualify. Winner to the redraw:

 (Heat 1) – Jack Meeks, Jessica Power, Rich Townsend, Richie Riggs, Sean Beardsley, Mike Phelps, Bill Sauve, Kearra Backus, Dylan Zacharias.

 (Heat 2) – Brandon Carvey, Jimmy Moyer, Casey Williams, Rocco Leone, Jake Davis, Torrey Stoughtenger, Randy Fox, Joe Gosek, Pat Nolan.

 (Heat 3) – Jim Spano, Kevin Root, Billy Clark Jr., Addison Bowman, Brianna Ladoucer, Marshall Hurd, Richard Murtaugh, Ricky Yelle, DNS Josh Reome

 (Heat 4) – Remington Hamm, Chuck Miller, Cody Manitta, Kyle Fink, Quinn Wallis, Ben Wheeler, Greg Henry, George Dyer, Dale Corbett.

 (Heat 5) – Jim Harbison, Zach Sobotka, Robert Gage, Tim Baker, Jonah Lewis, Willy Decker Jr., Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald, Brett Draper, Ryan Dolbear.

 (Heat 6) – Kyle Inman, Taylor Caprara, Tim Falter, Tyler Corcoran, Corey Barker, Isaiah Forward, Greg Doust, Wade Chrisman, Rachel Zacharias.

 (Heat 7) – Bob Henry Jr., Jeff Prentice, Alan Fink, Amy Holland, Connor Cleveland, Jeff Stevnson, Rocky Grosso, Bailey Groves, Cedric Gauvreau.

 (Heat 8) – Jackson Gill, Mark Yorker, Cameron Tuttle, Jeff Taylor, Kyle Perry, Colby Herzog, Rick Miller, Gregg Carner, Austin Germinio.

 (Heat 9) – Matt Janczuk, AJ Miller, Chris Corbett, Jordan Kelly, Joe Sobotka, Tom Juno, Dustin Bradley, Richard Paige, Matt Richardson.

 (Heat 10) – Chris Mackey, Cody Wolfe, Shane Pecore, Edward Lukas, Jeremy Pitcher, JJ Courcy, Brandon Chretien, DNS Brad Rouse.

Winner qualifies with the rest to Saturdays Last Chance Qualifiers:

(Consolation 1) – Rich Townsend, Rocco Leone, Sean Beardsley, Casey Williams, Jake Davis, Dylan Zacharias, Torrey Stoughtenger, Richie Riggs, Randy Fox, Bill Sauve, Pat Nolan, Joe Gosek, Mike Phelps, Kearra Backus.

 (Consolation 2) – Addison Bowman, Cody Manitta, Brianna Ladoucer, Dale Corbett, Kyle Fink, Quinn Wallis, Ricky Yelle, Ben Wheeler, George Dyer, Greg Henry, Richard Murtaugh, Billy Clark Jr., Marshall Hurd, DNS Josh Reome.

(Consolation 3) – Tim Falter, Tyler Corcoran, Corey Barker, Robert Gage, Greg Doust, Isaiah Forward, Willy Decker Jr., Michael Wagner-Fitzgerald, Tim Baker, Brett Draper, Ryan Dolbear, Jonah Lewis, DNS Wade Chrisman, Rachel Zacharias.

 (Consolation 4) – Alan Fink, Cameron Tuttle, Jeff Taylor, Kyle Perry, Colby Herzog, Rick Miller, Austin Germinio, Cedric Gauvreau, Jeff Stevenson, Connor Cleveland, Bailey Groves, Rocky Grosso, Amy Holland, DNS Gregg Carner.

 (Consolation 5) – Shane Pecore, Chris Corbett, JJ Courcy, Brad Rouse, Edward Luckas, Joe Sobotka, Jeremy Pitcher, Brandon Chretien, Dustin Bradley, Matt Richardson, Richard Paige, Jordan Kelly, Tom Juno.

 (Stadium International Trucks Outlaw 200 Modified Qualifiers 15 Laps) Winners get 17-20 starting spots in Outlaw 200. Winners can better their starting spots through Saturday qualifying.

 (Modified Qualifier 1) – Peter Britten, Tyler Trump, Nick Nye, Michael Storms, Jeremy Dygert, Glenn Forward, Billy Shantel, Mitch Gibbs, Jessica Power, Mike Mandigo, Tim Sears Jr., DNS Garret Rushlow.

 (Modified Qualifier 2) – Stewart Friesen, Ryan Godown, Billy Decker, Brandon Walters, Erick Rudolph, Chad Phelps, Roy Bresnahan, Dave Marcuccilli, Tyler Thompson, Will Shields, Tim Harris, Chris Hulsizer.

 (Modified Qualifier 3) – Larry Wight, Rocky Warner, Tom Sears Jr., Ryan Arbuthnot, Chad Brachmann, Yan Bussiere, Jim Witko Jr., Billy Whittaker, Todd Root, Tyler Murray, Ben Bushaw, DJ Forbes.

 (Modified Qualifier 4) – Ron Davis III, Mike Maresca, Chris Hile, Ronnie Johnson, Jimmy Phelps, Gary Tomkins, Pat Ward, AJ Kingsley, Cameron Black, Ryan Jordan, Danny Johnson.


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